5G Network

5th Generation Mobile Network or 5th Generation wireless system is the next thing which gonna be launch soon India. After experiencing 4G network, which was consider as slowest 4G network of world, all mobile network companies are planning to launch their 5G network services in India.

As India has one of the biggest telecom network over the world, so the various telecom companies have their one of favorite choice to  invest. Where some of telecom services are already starting the process to take charge in the competition. Companies like Bharti Airtel & Jio which consider as competitor of each other did their successful trial for 5G Network system. Soon their might be an announcement regarding the 5G spectrum.

One of latest trails was taken in last week by Bharti Airtel & Chinese mobile company Huawei in India. The test results into some successful results of mobile network with throughput of 3.5 GHz with 100 MHz bandwidth. From this successful test company is planning to develop their 5G network in India.

On other hand after success of Jio which has most number of customers from India, is also planning to get this network. Mukesh Ambani is also looking up for this network. Jio’s successful win with competition with other telecom company, Airtel wants to grab this network before any other network. Last week Bharti Airtel conduct their successful trail test at Airtel’s Network Experience Center in Manesar, Gurugram. In this trial Chinese Mobile company Huawei also took part by giving hand to launch 5G network in India. So as news from the center, Huawei & Airtel will gonna launch of the 5G network first as expected.

New 5G network will also give compatibility to  Internet of Thing – IOT concept. This concept uses high bandwidth network to share data between the devices. And from the launch of 5G network soon we can also have the experience of such concept technology. Later on their will be devices designed to work on the concept. Also Nokia designed its Nokia 5G Chipset to get the 5G speed for their devices.

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