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Flipkart Pay Later

An Indian shopping website Filpkart introduces new way to pay for the products that customers buy. Flipkart Pay Later Technique is the all new way to make payment on product purchase. Looking for customer’s interested to the e – commerce site & make attract them Flipkart launch this new idea.

Flipkart Pay Later service will allow to pay for the product that customer buy with customer’s Flipkart Pay Later Limit. Flipkart will allows certain amount to shop for with in the shopping site. It will give customer certain amount of the purchase limit up to which customer’s buy the product. It works like financing the product, or we can say that FlipKkrt will finance the product for its customers.

As per the shopping user has done up to the date, Flipkart is giving certain limit to shop for at 0% interest rate. Only up to this limit customer can buy the product. Also their limit amount of time will be given the customer to repay the product amount. It allows customer to settle their remaining dues as per their convenience. This scheme is only available for Flipkart Assured Products & on selected sellers.  Failure in repay the require dues, customer will have to pay the late fee. Regarding payments Flipkart gives benefits to pay the dues with using Credit cards, debit cards or by networking. If customer has Rs.5000 to its Flipkart Pay Later Account, then customer will get up to finance the product up to next 10th months at 0% interest. After completing these 10 months, if customer fail to repay the money, then late fee will be added to customers amount.

This new way to buy product in installments is really attractive for the customer, this may fulfill the needs of customer. Customer only need to create an account on flipkart & will get an certain amount to shop for. Repay it with in given time limit. Flipkart adds another option while shopping from the site, just click on “Pay Later” option while shopping settle your dues by the due date.

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