Google Clips Camera

Google Clips Camera is a small device that uses artificial intelligence to take the right picture when it sees something interesting.The idea of Google Clips Camera sits in the background waiting for the right moment to take a picture. Google has trained its electronic brain to recognise smiles, human faces, dogs cats.rapid sequences of movement and capture the candid shots of kids and animals.The Clip shoots seven-second videos without audio. That can be edited into GIFs or high-definition photos and these images can then be downloaded and shared via smartphone.

In Google Clips Camera You don’t tap a shutter button or give it any command to take a picture or shoot a video. You just turn it on by twisting its lens like a knob set it down. Camera point it at whatever humans or pets are nearby. Clips has a computer chip inside with a simplified version of Google’s computer-vision code on board. Point it at the kids for five minutes while they dance and play and run around. After then open the app on your phone to find a half-dozen or so seven-second clips, ready to be shared with the rest of your family.

Camera Features

The google Clips camera is a free hand automatic point and shoot camera and its considerably smaller, It look very small , unassuming appearance that is instantly recognizable as a camera. At least an icon of a camera app on your phone. Google and aware of how a “camera automatically takes pictures. with its white-and-teal color scheme and obvious camera-like styling. But of those that I showed the camera to while explaining what it’s supposed to do.

The button on the camera is used to take manually photo (or “clip”), also you use the app on mobile phone to see the camera is viewing and take shots. At the point of Clips is to let the camera and Google set the algorithms to capture the pictures automatically.Camera specs are not the focus of Clips. but they impact how well the thing is able to accomplish its goal.

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