Internet of Things – IOT

Internet of Things – IOT, all electronic devices available in surrounding will work together to make things as easy as possible. All of these devices are connected to a one single network using this each devices can communicate with each other to exchange certain data between them. This data is also known as information exchange between various devices as per their need. Using this information every devices connected in a network will work together on single network to  perform things in intelligent manner.

Devices gather information & stored it with in the memory connected to the device. This information as per the need of their device will get share with them as per the requirement. Take an IOT example of a man is sleeping while wearing smart watch continuously monitoring the temperature of that man’s body & gathering the require data. The data gather by this smart watch will get share with AC of the room, so that AC can adjust the temperature according to that man’s body. That’s not enough, when that man woke up, smart watch will again identify this & communicate this with coffee maker, which make coffee for that person automatically. This all process work automatically by the use of Internet of Things – IOT. This concept work on high bandwidth data which soon launch world wide.

How Internet of Things – IOT Works

Internet of Things - IOT

  • IOT works on sharing data with different devices:

Different devices from surrounding get connect with each other to work as “Smart Device”. Electronic devices present in local area to get communicate with each other for processing some action to get an perfect results through that.

  • Machine to Machine Processing:

Different machinery devices from around, get used to link & form a communication to make some process through as “Smart Gadget”.

  • Take a look at following IOT concept video:

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