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Raspberry Pi – Smallest Computer

or new generation the technology is becoming smaller & smaller & the time has come the computers which was once has huge size requires huge space are now become a credit card size. This can easily fit into the Pam of your hand. Raspberry Pi is the first one which that design on credit card size motherboard. Take a look at Raspberry Pi – Smallest Computer

Raspberry Pi - Smallest Computer


An United Kingdom computer company Raspberry Pi foundation did this fantastic work to minimize computer that fits into pam. In February 2012 Raspberry Pi foundation design the first generation Raspberry Pi 1 model. Which is quit considerable for smallest computer before. But is just beginning, after the release company Raspberry Pi that was some issues at early stages. Later on company did some major changes & then company launches Raspberry Pi 1 model B, that again improves to Raspberry Pi 1 model B+. But the actual success of the product was came in February 2015. When company launches Raspberry Pi 2 with some extra RAM.


Raspberry Pi 2 model has with 900 MHz 32 bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU with 1 GB of SD RAM. With 4 USB ports , HDMI video & 3.5 mm audio jack output, on board Micro SDHC slot, 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet built with in it. This high configuring device can work more efficiently than a heavy loaded computer. With this design the device gets a strong identity in technology world. With these advance feature, small size & low cost allows customers to take interest into it. Due to all its feature it was started to use an every purpose of technology work, that also helps in concept of Internet of Things (IOT).

Raspberry Pi - Smallest Computer


Later in starting of the year 2017 in January month Raspberry Pi Compute Model 3 & Raspberry Pi Compute Model 3 lite was introduce. These models of Raspberry Pi comes with ARMv8 – A (64/32 – bit) & 1.2 GHz 64 bit quad-core ARM Cortex – A53 CPU. All other functionalities are same neither prize change.



On 28th February 2017 Raspberry Pi foundation aging launch Raspberry Pi Zero (Wireless). This time device come with MIPI camera interface (CSI), Mini-HDMI 1080 p video outputs, Mini-HDMI stereo audio output & more importantly 802.11n, wireless & 4.1 Bluetooth. Still company has working on it for more improvement. All Raspberry Pi model that company has produce till now are one & only of their kind, there is no other device yet built to give competition to Raspberry Pi. That’s why Raspberry Pi is one of the best technology for new generation.

Raspberry Pi – Zero Model

Raspberry Pi - Smallest Computer

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