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Sea of Theives

The swashbuckling, the loot, the rum, the fabulous hats – most of us have at one time or another wished we could leave our world all behind and run away to sea. The time has come to live out that dream and to bring friends along for the ride. Sea of Thieves is Rare’s latest, with first-person pirating (the fun, family-friendly kind) full of cooperative crew mates collaborating in the pursuit of treasure. Competitive types can also try to rule the seas by battling (and ideally sinking) other players’ ships.

Realizing on platforms like Xbox One, PC on 20th March, 2018.

Embark on a shared-world adventure and live the essential pirate life: sailing together, hunting treasure and becoming legends!

  • Experience true freedom in a fantastical pirate world.
  • Explore, battle, solve riddles and more in a world of real players.
  • Sail on voyages, build a reputation and become a pirate legend.
  • Pre-order offers Closed Beta access and exclusive in-game items!
  • Xbox One, Windows 10 PC & enhanced for Xbox One X.

With Xbox One advance processor unit and 4K ultra-HD graphics this game is must play game. The game comes with online multiplayer option and high dynamic range.

Sailing and fighting, exploring and looting… the pirate life awaits you! Enjoy total freedom in a shared world bursting with buried treasure, ancient shipwrecks and thrilling ocean battles.


Game requirments

Sea of thieves looks absolutely breathtaking when you crank the graphics settings to full on PC. Note: We were not able to get our high end PC to run Sea of Thieves in 4K and still maintain a frame rate we were happy with. PC Specs: CPU – Intel Core i7-6850k CPU @ 3.60GHZ Memory – 32GB GPU – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 x2 SLI Configuration HDD: 1TB SSD


Game play

  • Hunting for buried treasure by following maps and solving riddles as part of voyages that span the Sea of Thieves
  • Sailing solo or joining a crew before heading out to adventure in a shared world where every sail on the horizon is a ship of other real players
  • Exploring the world and encountering danger on islands, under the ocean and out at sea with fearsome storms and mysterious shipwrecks
  • Engaging in epic ship battles with cannons blazing, or going head-to-head against other pirates with pistol primed and cutlass drawn

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