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UC Browser 12.0 Update

UC Browser UpdateAlibaba – owned UCWeb has pushed a new update to its UC Browser that is claimed to protect the user from Specter vulnerabilities. The new UC Browser Update 12.0 is currently available to download from Google play. The Specter vulnerabilities became public earlier this month, and affect both smartphones and computers.

The worm, along the Meltdown worm, will also be exploited to permit the reminiscence content material of a PC to be leaked. Which might doubtlessly divulge saved passwords and different delicate knowledge, together with non-public footage, emails and fast messages.

UC Browser Update

In a release, UC Web said, “On vulnerable systems, Meltdown and Specter increase the risk of side-channel attacks triggered by malicious web content. Potentially allowing attackers to access private information outside the scope of a given website. One way that UC Browser is mitigating this risk is by disrupting the comparison of the singularity and making the accessing time trivial. Among them, the high precision run-time interface of JS is the main restoration object. Since attacks on Specter requires measuring precise time intervals, UC Browser reduces the resolution of performance now. So, it is impossible to read user’s Web browsing history or password from malicious Web content after the latest update.”

The Features of UC Browser Update – 12.0

  • Great download manager
  • Increased download speed
  • Sharing on social networks easily
  • Shortcuts allowed
  • Fixed problem

Apple, Intel, AMD, and Microsoft are among the companies that have pushed patches to protect devices they make from Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities. Intel said it will launch updated chips with safeguards against both Meltdown and Specter built-in. The bugs also affect cloud-computing services powering much of the Internet.

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