Vivo 5G

In the launching of the 5G technology, Vivo mobile phone company also take an initiative China Mobile. As Vivo is focusing on developing Vivo 5G mobile devices by the partnership with China Mobile. The partnership was take an initiative at GTI Summit 2018. The partnership of the companies aims to launch the 5th Generation mobile devices, as company will support in development in Vivo 5G enabled devices. This partnership named as “China Mobile 5G Device Forerunner Initiative”.

Vivo 5G Mobile Phone

Vivo teaming up with China Mobile is plan to get launch the Vivo 5G network devices as soon as possible. Vivo company determines the announcement will be maid till 2019 & soon there will be launch of Vivo 5G enabled devices by 2020. Vivo 5G Mobile Phone network is focusing on delivering 5G speed as mush higher as possible with high bandwidth. Also all other devices & technologies will make use of the Vivo 5G enabled devices to take part in the summit.

Vivo worked before on 5G technology, this was just an initiative for in process of launch of 5G devices. The process was already started & after accompany with China mobile, Vivo 5G devices are expected to be released soon. Vivo mobile is also searching the solution on of using extra power while using 5G devices. The process has began with antenna that was setup for high frequency & high bandwidth before. Also company is working with Qualcomm to work on such 5G network devices. Though it may take some time to built a 5G enabled devices & to get it on our hands. All other companies are also take there charge on such highly demand network. Also some telecom companies started there trial based on 5G network. There are already so many rumors regarding the 5G technology release & there use. In all of these Nokia also in rumors for getting 5G network, where as Huawei already released 5G Chip. These companies are also aiming to introducing there 5G network with all new technologies that uses the 5th Generation network.

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