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WD SSD Reviews

Western Digital which has identity mainly for creating hard drives. As company is trying to make better & efficient storage devices, this time company is come up with WD My Passport SSDs. It sounds familiar, the rumored SSDd are finally came into launch by WD & Samsung first. Both are effective are meaning products to be deal with. Near-about same functionality, both are strong competitor of each others. One on hand known for storage devices, WD is one of strong known for its storage devices where as Samsung never far behind in any electronics competition.


WD My Passport SSD Design

The old ones which was thick size with heavy weight are gone, now the slick once with light weight designed devices are came to take their place. WD SSD are one of them, which has good slick body with light weight. With lighter design, it never affect performance of the product & yet WD My Passport never upset with the term performance.

A rectangular shape with metrical finish, WD SSDs having just 40.8 grams in weight. The design is very handy & beautiful, with so small space & 3.0 USB gives strong performance in using. It is able to transfer data upto 515 Mbps rate. These things make the device more effect full to use for.

The company is never believe in giving standard USB cable, so this model has also come with a cable that allows device to perform faster. WD also said that WD May Passport SSD is shockproof. As always WD provides 3 years on site worldwide warranty with the devices.

Initially WD SSDs launched with its 3 different variants in memory. First one is for 256 GB, 512 GB & for 1 TB. With such beautiful device the price is just a thinkable thing that would not satisfy to buy the product. The devices overall performance is good with having encryption support the device gets overall 4 rating in our examinations.

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