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WhatsApp Update

One of most famous social networking applications Whatsapp may soon update with some new features. Whatsapp has customers all the overworld. So the Facebook own whatsapp company doesn’t want its customers to be upset, this leads company release updates as per customer’s need. Considering this, in 2018 company is going to launch some important WhatsApp Update with some addon functions.

1. YouTube Integration :

  • The one of latest feature that WhatsApp Update will get is YouTube integration.
  • This feature will allow you to play the YouTube videos in whatsapp.
  • The feature can be use only through the picture in picture mode.

2. Money Transaction :

  • This function will let you transfer the money based UPI to another person
  • This feature not yet disclose due to various government issues & soon will get sort out.

3. Message Recall :

  • This will help you to get back the sent message from receiver.
  • When user accidentally send some message to receiver, user can get that message back to correct.

4. Live Locations Sharing :

  • Now user can share their live location for some duration.
  • Its requires permission from users end for sharing information.

5. Number Change :

  • No if any user changes whatsapp number, the whats app will send notification message to every contact from list.
  • This feature is develop for security purpose only & may have some modifications in to it.

6. Editing in Sent Message :

  • This will allow user to edit their sent message either recalling it or deleting it.
  • Currently feature is in beta version & yet to be launch for mass.

Such interesting WhatsApp Update’s will get more publicity, so that the applications may remain as the highest grossing application in android applications. It may also broke all records that was made by the all other type of applications. Talk about the competition, whatsapp is way further in all of the aspects of the application so bother any of other application.

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