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Windows 10 Updates

In an process of adding creativity to Windows operating system, Microsoft released updates for Windows 10 OS platform. The latest version of the Microsoft Windows, Windows 10 is already very attractive & beautiful in all looks. The Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Updates will extend creativity & productivity.

Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Updates

Windows Update Assistant is the safest way to provide updates for Windows. Just click the check for updates it will prompt for latest updates available for your windows. The all new Windows 10 Fall Creators Updates extends creativity & productivity with new realities, 3D storytelling, closer people connections & cross – device experience.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Updates is for making windows more user friendly. By adding various features into it windows allows users to access the social media in an creative way. Features like 3D creations, Quick Access to your People, Save Steps with People-first Sharing, Connect Instantly with emojis, Voice Activated Power Commands, OneDrive files on – demand, Eye Control, Cloud-deliver Protection, Virus & Real Time protection etc. Also to these feature gaming console added with improving Gaming.  A new mode added to windows call Game Mode, this will take your computer to standard Gaming to play within the environment. Also it allows to connect with all your favorite streamers.

The new windows updates also has new Microsoft Edge & Find May Pen. Find My Pen is another windows grate features. This will remember your last inked on Computer. Such functionally to new windows updates get more better experience in using it. Microsoft is everyday planning to get windows better than before & so it does released such amazing updates to make better experience with windows.

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